Study the ancient teachings and practices of the East. Receive in-depth instruction. Understand how ancient philosophy relates to modern science and psychological approaches. For those who want to deepen their personal understanding and practice. Also appropriate for those seeking to expand their knowledge base for use with students and clients.




The Science of Transformation
Although many of us have experienced yoga, we do not know exactly how it works to bring us step-by-step to self-realization. When we understand the science behind the system, we can more skillfully use the tools of yoga to experience the Self. Using Amrit Yoga, we will explore basic principles that can be incorporated into any practice so that asana becomes a structure in which we learn to live from an effortless state of relaxation in the midst of effort. Teaching includes a deeper understanding and application of energetic anatomy (chakras) and the subtler layers of being (koshas).

Yoga Nidra/Integrative Relaxation
Yoga Nidra, also knows as Integrative Relaxation is one of the least explored meditation practices that combines alert awareness with deep relaxation. Profound in impact, yet simple to practice, it is accessible to anyone regardless of age or physical capability. Usually performed lying down, integrative relaxation takes you into first the alpha, then theta state of consciousness in which the extraordinary healing power of the body had been shown to be magnified many-fold. The practice of integrative relaxation promotes the healing of injuries, diseases, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, induces a deeper, more restful sleep, boosts the immune system and reverses the degenerative aging process. It can be effectively used to dissolve self-destructive behaviors and thought patterns at their root.

Nourishment for the Soul
In our lives we take time to feed and clothe our bodies, we amass security to put our minds at rest, but we often forget to nourish that which is the source of all – the soul. Even if we have a practice that puts us in touch with our essence, we sometimes lapse; we tend to forget, get busy and distracted from that which truly feeds us. This weekend is a time for you to come home to yourself. To remember and to discover practices that feed your soul. To be in a supportive environment that helps you rest in the peace of your own existence. Once re-established in who we really are, we can once again pick up the responsibilities of daily life with a renewed rembrance that soul is the source of everything we do.

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