Kamini Desai Testimonials

I’ve never been to a retreat like that before. I tend to do music camps and maybe a day with yoga asanas. But now, I’m looking forward to the next one. Thank you Kamini a million times over. I have never had such a profound experience, altering my life so immediately and directly.

Kamini has a special gift of delivering the message in a simple, clear and easy manner that the mind can grasp. I love her use of metaphors and personal examples. She shows us by example that you don’t have to be perfect to live a full and rewarding life.
Yoga Teacher

Kamini, the Yoga of Relationships is a perfect workshop for you because you truly embody what you teach through your love, compassion, generosity and wisdom.

I was concerned that yoga would interfere with my beliefs. Kamini explained that yoga is a tool to quiet the mental drama that keeps me from noticing God’s presence in my life. That took out all the hocus pocus and deepened my appreciation and understanding of my faith. Now I know how to connect with the Lord’s presence and I know how to get back there when I lose it.
Boutique Owner

Words cannot express how much gratitude I feel to have the opportunity to share your teachings with others. Thank you Kamini from the bottom of my heart. With much light and love,

Be it a brief lecture, weekend seminar, or long training, Kamini leads the mind in a process that takes you deep into the spirit of yoga.  She brings the purity of ancient teachings into reality—weaving personal sharing and yoga experiences into a process of inevitable openings and joy!  Her love of teaching becomes the love that teaches.
Certified Advanced Rolfer

I have helped sponsor Kamini for weekend conferences, and the responses from participants are consistent: "This weekend has changed my life." “I see that I create my experience of life.” "I understand my life in a new way.” Her ability to communicate to all levels in a group is awesome.
Teacher and Former Nun

So very grateful for your ability to teach in a way that always touches people's hearts and awakens them to their soul.
Retired Therapist

Open your hearat, awaken your soul