Use the body as an effective vehicle to increase vitality, reduce stress and release limitations. Physical pathway programs are for those who enjoy physical expression, want to deepen their hatha yoga practice, or get back into the body in a non-threatening environment.




Rasa Dance: Moving from the Inside Out
Rasa Dance is a powerful combination of movement and music through which our creative expression is unleashed. Using a variety of music from around the globe, we awaken the natural rhythms of the body and give way to an exhilarating, heart opening celebration of movement and music. Step out of your own way and remember the expanded Self that you are – unbridled and fully self-expressive in all your glory.

Skillful Alignment
Learn how poses can be used to optimally move through habitual physical patterning, stagnant energy zones and limitations from past injuries. Understand the common errors made in the practice of hatha yoga poses and learn how to correct them in a way that works for your own body type. Understand how alignment is intended as a structure within which to expand your capacity to be more relaxed in life.

Contact Yoga and Yogassage: Postures in Partnership
Contact Yoga is the practice of creating balance and harmony with a partner as a tool for establishing internal integration. Using weight and counterweight, we begin with simple double-poses and yogassage techniques that powerfully open the body and create a deep sense of letting go. We build from floor poses to “flying” – balancing poses where one is suspended on another’s feet – allowing the body to completely open and surrender to gravity. The experience of being out of our normal relationship to space and our body takes us out of the mind and fully into the present – a mind-blowing experience!

Free Your Body, Lighten Your Mind with Yoga Therapy
Using supported yoga postures combined with simple coaching techniques, you can release mental and emotional tension held in the form of muscular patterning. Understand the relationship between the posture of the body and the posture of the mind. By working with the body and opening it in certain ways, you can dissolve limited ways of thinking and behaving in life..

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