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Kamini speaks at Women's Hospital eventOn February 7th Kamini gave her first keynote address for the Women's Hospital of Baton Rouge who sponsored an innovative wellness program for women entitled, "Relaxing into Life." The day included yoga, zumba dance, reflexology, reflective writing, skin care and pilates breakout sessions. Kamini opened the day for the entire group of 77 women. Combining scientific research with humorous examples and exercises, she demonstrated how thinking patterns cause stress and simple tools to break the habit of listening to the mind. The group had the opportunity to experience how yoga kinesthetically trains us to do this. The day ended with the entire group on the floor experiencing the depth of the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra. The teachings were so well received that all catalogs and shop resources were gone within fifteen minutes of the closing session. We're certain that many will be coming to visit us in Salt Springs. Many thanks to Phi Truong, last year's Level I graduate for making this connection.

The Advocate, a local newpaper, interviewed Kamini prior to the workshop; the story follows, and photos from the event are at left and right:

Retreat to include yoga

By Debra Lemoine
Advocate staff writer
Published: Feb 2, 2009

Learning to accept the bad with the good is essential to lifelong happiness, according to internationally known yoga instructor Kamini Desai. Desai, who has taught her blend of Eastern and Western philosophies in 10 countries, will give the keynote address and lead a yoga workshop at Saturday’s mind-body retreat by the Fitness Club at Woman’s Center for Wellness.

“Life always comes in pairs. Yet in many ways, we seek happiness by trying to wrestle with life in such a way that we get rid of the negative experiences and hold on to the positive ones indefinitely,” Desai said in an e-mail interview.

To count on life to be good at all times and never down for our happiness is not realistic, she said.

Relying on external circumstances for happiness is like leaning against a wall, Desai said. Take the wall away, and balance is lost.

Learning to maintain a sense of balance in the presence or absence of that wall allows us to enjoy the happy times and remain centered when they are gone, she said.

“When we learn to develop the skill of inner fulfillment, we are learning how to develop this kind of constancy in the changing tides of life,” she said. “Now, more than ever, it is important that we develop this ability.”

Besides being a certified yoga instructor, Desai also holds a doctorate in psychology and is director of programs at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, Fla.

Along with speeches and yoga workshops by Desai, the seminar includes pilates and reflexology workshops. Other speakers will offer advice on nutrition, getting active, youthful skin care, wardrobe tips and a session on Zumba, a Latin dance-based workout.

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