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Life enhancement is about receiving practical tools to implement in your life today. They are ideal for anyone looking for insight and direction on creating a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Accessible to anyone regardless of physical capability or experience.




Relaxing into Life
Do you feel that most of your life is lived from action or reaction? Does your life seem like a series of events that push you around? Or are you able to skillfully choose your responses to life?

We cannot choose how life comes to us – the challenges we face, the way our loved ones behave, or the way things happen at work. However we can respond in a way that creates greater balance and equilibrium. We can develop tools to meet life in a way that optimally serves our own health, wellbeing and happiness – and moves us into being in flow with life – rather than constantly struggling with the current.

Managing Your Mind
Do you feel that your mind has you running around in circles? Does your mind have control of You…rather than you having control of It?

Without direction, even the greatest tool is bound to create havoc. The primary source of stress we experience is the direct result of not knowing how to skillfully encounter the worry, anxiety and fear the mind creates. In school, we learn to manage our finances, but not our mind.

In this workshop, you will understand how the mind works and learn tools to help you ‘manage your mind.’

Dispelling the Illusion of Perfection
What is perfection? Can it ever be achieved by anyone? Won’t there always be someone who is better? Many of us spend our lives trying to fit into a box called “perfection” that we ourselves have created. We make ourselves miserable, frustrated and unhappy until we manage to fight ourselves into this image called “perfection.”

  • How transformation can happen without struggle or fight
  • How striving to be something else takes us away from the perfection of the moment
  • How life would look if you weren’t so busy trying to be different than you are

Fearless Heart
Do you live life from your head or your heart? Are you more concerned about living your life, or protecting yourself from it? Life is not about protecting yourself from pain, life is about living. This means that we need to learn the art of riding the waves of life. Just like a wave has a height and a depth, life must by its nature have its heights and depths. If we take one, the other has to come with it. Living life with an open heart means being willing to be open to the polarities that come with it.

This workshop is about re-discovering your life. It is about discovering who you would be if you were fearless.

Revolutionize Your Relationships
Relationship is the place where we are most powerfully called to practice balance and equanimity. How do I set my own boundaries, yet make room for yours? How can I communicate my needs without demand or expectation? How do I find my full self-expression in relationship – yet honor who we are together? These are the challenges that make relationship the perfect place to practice the profound teachings of the East. In this workshop we will look at the fundamental teachings of eastern philosophy and western psychology and how they can be practiced in the midst of relationship. Partners, friends, parents and siblings welcome – or find a friend at the workshop.

Some of the topics we will cover are:
  • What happens in the experience of love?
  • Why do I become dependent on others to experience love?
  • Why do I seem to re-create the same relationship patterns over and over in different forms – and how can I short circuit this process?

If you are interested in hosting a workshop for Kamini in your area, please email for details.

Live from a Fearless Heart