Bring Kamini to Your Area
Experience the transformation and share it with others.

  • Inspire yourself and others in your community
  • Expose your students or clients to new teachers and teachings
  • Increase the prestige of your studio or location
  • Support your own practice through creating a circle of like-minded individuals
  • Supplement your income

What is involved in sponsoring a workshop?
The two key ingredients to successfully hosting a workshop are enthusiasm and a core group of people who are excited to attend a workshop. In addition it is helpful to have experience in organizing similar events and a few people who are willing to help with logistics before the event and/or on the day itself.

What support will I receive as a host?
Kamini or a staff person will work with you to create a workshop best suited to the needs of your group and assist with dates and timing. In addition to the promotion provided by you as the host, the workshop will be posted on the web site event calendar along with information and program details. In addition, an email blast will go out to any existing local contacts inviting them to attend.

How big are the events?
The size of events vary. A workshop generally has a minimum of twenty participants and will go as high as fifty. Lectures can be significantly larger.

How long is an event?
An event can be structured as a lecture, half-day, day-long or weekend format depending on the needs and interests of your group.

What are the financial arrangements?
Income is divided on a percentage basis between the teacher and the sponsor after a guaranteed minimum is met and all expenses on both sides have been covered. For more detailed information, please contact us.

What is my next step?
Kamini offers a menu of programs outlining diverse areas of study and development. In addition, she can develop a customized workshop suited to the needs of your group.   See the program menu below for overview. Click for detailed descriptions. Then email: with your inquiry and area of interest.

The following menu outlines the variety of options for personal study and development Kamini offers. For the program calendar of currently scheduled events click here.


Program Menu

Life Enhancement
Life enhancement is about receiving practical tools to implement in your life today. They are ideal for anyone looking for insight and direction on creating a more rewarding and fulfilling life. Accessible to anyone regardless of physical capability or experience.

  • Relaxing into Life - Does your life seem like a series of events that push you around?
  • Managing Your Mind - Do you feel that your mind has you running around in circles?
  • Dispelling the Illusion of Perfection - What is perfection? Can it ever be achieved by anyone?
  • Fearless Heart - Do you live life from your head or your heart?
  • Revolutionize Your Relationships - Relationship is the place where we are most powerfully called to practice balance and equanimity

For added information on Life Enhancement programs click here.

The Physical Pathway
Use the body as an effective vehicle to increase vitality, reduce stress and release limitations. Physical pathway programs are for those who enjoy physical expression, want to deepen their Hatha yoga practice, or get back into the body in a non-threatening environment.

  • Rasa Dance: Moving from the Inside Out - Rasa Dance is a powerful combination of movement and music
  • Skillful Alignment - Learn how poses can be used to optimally move through habitual physical patterning
  • Contact Yoga and Yogassage: Postures in Partnership - Contact Yoga is the practice of creating balance and harmony with a partner
  • Free Your Body, Lighten Your Mind with Yoga Therapy - Using supported yoga postures combined with simple coaching techniques, you can release mental and emotional tension held in the form of muscular patterning

For added information on Physical Pathway programs click here.

Traditional Pathways
Study the ancient teachings and practices of the East. Receive in-depth instruction. Understand how ancient philosophy relates to modern science and psychological approaches. For those who want to deepen their personal understanding and practice. Also appropriate for those seeking to expand their knowledge base for use with students and clients.

  • The Science of Transformation - Although many of us have experienced yoga, we do not know exactly how it works to bring us step-by-step to self-realization
  • Yoga Nidra Method of Meditation and Integrative Relaxation - Yoga Nidra, also knows as Integrative Relaxation is one of the least explored meditation practices
  • Nourishment for the Soul - we often forget to nourish that which is the source of all – the soul

For added information on Traditional Pathway programs click here.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop for Kamini in your area, please contact us for details.

Live from a Fearless Heart