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Today’s leaders are expected to build a work environment in which their key employees thrive. Talent-minded leaders know that if their organization is to be productive and competitive, they must engage their people and continually develop them in order to meet constantly changing business needs. Finding and keeping talent is critical to an organization’s ability to improve profitability, manage costs, and grow by acquisition, innovation and the development of human potential. Some of the key area Kamini specializes in are:


Change Management
This is a time of accelerated change in the corporate world. Absorbing these new ways of doing business can contribute to an unsettled and stressful work environment. This leads to reduced efficiency and morale. Employees who can successfully navigate these changes are essential to creating an adaptable, efficient and calm atmosphere throughout the company. This program provides specific tools that directly impact the individual’s ability to settle into and manage change.

  • Manage shifting and unsettled demands calmly and creatively.
  • Clear the deck of baggage that inadvertently holds individuals in a pattern of limited performance.
  • Manage anxious and reactive emotions.
  • Interrupt unproductive behaviors.

Professional Energy Management
Even successful employees are wasting energy in ways they’ve not been given the tools to realize. This trend is magnified in the midst of extreme change or stress. These energies, which might otherwise be lost, can be brought to bear to the benefit of the organization in a tangible and quantifiable manner—a critical point that is not commonly addressed.

Using this set of proven techniques, individuals learn how to turn energy drains into gains both theoretically and experientially.  

  • Learn simple and immediate methods to break the momentum of stress
  • Develop steadiness of mind in the midst of external and internal distractions
  • Improve mental attitudes that produce conflict
  • Stabilize physical wellbeing as an important source of mental clarity and creativity.

Women in Leadership (WIL)
Women have been historically perceived as lacking the drive to compete and succeed in the marketplace.  Those who have succeeded have often had to do so by adapting to a society in which the bottom line is the sole determinant of success.  Increasingly, the demands of the workforce are placing greater emphasis not only on the outcomes achieved, but the process by which these outcomes are attained.

Women have the capacity to actualize this new trend towards accomplishment that includes personal fulfillment as part of the overall work experience. The very talents and skills that have in the past worked against women in the workplace, can be channeled to support this emerging trend. This program empowers women to:.

  • Value their capacity for skilled direction that includes consensus building, inclusive and intuitive decision making and commitment to personal goals while attending to professional contexts.
  • Pioneer new standards of doing business
  • Take on leadership roles with ease, confidence and effectiveness
  • Act as mentors to others

In companies large and small, in Europe and in the United States, we have seen that these programs reliably produce the following results:

  • Boosting Productivity through skilled self-management
  • Reducing Absenteeism through increasing personal investment in professional performance
  • Enhancing Employee Recruitment, Engagement and Retention through professional development packages
  • Decrease in patterns of limited performance
  • Greater ability to manage professional demands with confidence and steadiness of mind

These variables have the capacity to significantly contribute to a strong bottom line. The organization benefits with heightened performance; the individual benefits with a greater sense of fulfillment, meaning and purpose as well as achievement in the workplace.

Training programs are tailored to meet the unique needs of each company. For further information on bringing Inner Source or Kamini Desai to your organization, email You will be promptly contacted to discuss specifics.


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